Dedicate a Track

Track dedication is a excellent way to ensure the success and continuity of the Niggun Society. Any dedicated track donations will be recognized in print (on the CD Album/ Vinyl Sleeve) and online. Dedications can be made in honor or in memory of anybody important to you. 

We are excited to annouce our partnership with the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity.  Through our partnership, donations to the Society can be tax-deductible through the CJCC's 501(c)(3).  Donations through the Generosity page, however, are not deductible.


To speak with Shlomie Rabin - Founder of Niggun Society about dedicating a track call 347.634.9114 or you can email

Track Listing

1: Shalosh Tenuos
Baal Shem Tov, Mezritcher Maggid & Alter Rebbe

2: Keli Atoh
Alter Rebbe - Baal Hatanya

3: Kapelyah
Mitteler Rebbe - Rabbi Dovber

4: Yemin Hashem
Tzemach Tzedek - Rabbi Menachem Mendel

5: L'chatchila Ariber
Rebbe Maharash - Rabbi Shmuel

6: Niggun Hachono
Rebbe Rashab - Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber

7: Beinoni
Fri'ediker Rebbe
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok

8: Hu Elokeinu
The Rebbe - Rabbi Menachem Mendel

9: Hakofos Niggun
Reb Levik's Niggun - The Rebbe's Father